Electromolding apparatus and member for fixing article to be electromolded



(57)【要約】 【課題】大型の被電鋳物に欠陥の少ない電鋳膜を形成す ることができる電鋳装置及び当該電鋳装置において使用 する被電鋳物固定部材を提供する。 【解決手段】電鋳装置において、電鋳物を保持し該電鋳 物に電圧を印加するための陽極機構と、被電鋳物と該被 電鋳物を固定するための被電鋳物固定部材とを備え被電 鋳物に電圧を印加する陰極機構と、電鋳液を貯えた電鋳 層と、被電鋳物の表面の電鋳液を流動させるための電鋳 液流動機構とを備え、被電鋳物固定部材は、外径が前記 被電鋳物の直径よりも大きく内径が前記被電鋳物の直径 よりも小さい円環形であり、外周側面から内周側面に貫 通する空洞部が複数形成されている構成とした。
PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide an electromolding apparatus which forms an elecromolded film with a little defect on a large article to be electromolded, and to provide a member for fixing an article to be electromolded, which is used in this electromolding apparatus. SOLUTION: The electromolding apparatus comprises an anode mechanism for holding an electromolding substance and applying voltage to the electromolding substance, an article to be electromolded, a member for fixing the article to be electromolded, a cathode mechanism for applying voltage to the article to be electromolded, an electromolding tank for storing an electromolding liquid, and a flowing mechanism for allowing the electromolding liquid on the surface of the electromolded article to flow. The member for fixing the article to be electromolded has an annular ring shape the outside diameter of which is larger than the above article to be electromolded and the inner diameter of which is smaller than the article, and comprises a plurality of hollow parts formed by penetrating from the outer periphery side to the inner periphery side.




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