Abrasive sheet for working texture, and its manufacturing method



(57)【要約】 【課題】 加工精度および加工安定性、加工寿命に優れ たテクスチャー加工用研磨シートを提供する。 【解決手段】繊維径7μm以下の極細繊維を主体とする 不織布、織密度がタテ、ヨコともに20〜200本/イ ンチの織布及び不織布内に多孔質状態で含有された高分 子弾性体を主体としたシートであり、高分子弾性体は極 細繊維束を実質的に拘束することなく存在し、シートの 少なくとも一方の表面に極細繊維立毛が形成されている ことを特徴とする磁気記録媒体のテクスチャー加工用研 磨シート。
PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide an abrasive sheet for working texture excellent in working accuracy, working stability and working life. SOLUTION: This abrasive sheet for working the texture for a magnetic recording medium is mainly composed of unwoven fabric mainly formed of extra-fine fibers with a fiber diameter of 7 μm or less; woven fabric with the weaving density of 20-200 counts/inch in both warp and weft; and a polymeric elastic body contained in a porous state in the unwoven fabric. The polymeric elastic body exists without substantially restricting an extra-fine fiber bundle, and an extra-fine fiber nap is formed on at least one surface of the sheet.




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