Aseismatic and wind/rain-resistant roof tile



(57)【要約】 【課題】 従来の上下の瓦を棧山肩部と棧裏頭部との係 止関係で緊結する構成では、瓦の製造工程での成形の難 しさに因る形状、寸度の統一性が懸念される。殊に、粘 土瓦に於いては、歪み、亀裂による歩留り確保が課題と なる。また所望の効果を上げるには厳しい精度管理が必 須であって、多少の寸法、形状のハ゛ラつきでも葺き合せ に困難が生じる。また係止関係の形状、又は設けられる 場所では、目立ち易く、美観を損ねる虞れがある。 【構成】 本発明は、棧山肩部100に流れ方向開放の係 止部200を備えた係止突起2を形成し、棧裏隅部102に係 止溝5を形成してなる瓦1Aであって、瓦の上方に同構成 の他の瓦を葺き上げた際に、瓦の係止溝に他の瓦1Bの係 止突起が係止される構成である。従って、耐震、耐風雨 効果に役立つ係止突部と係止溝とによる係止関係の構成 を簡単にできる。係止関係を備えた瓦の製造を簡易に行 い、かつ瓦の製造歩留りの向上が図れる。
PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To solve problems that there is an anxiety about unification in shape and size due to difficulty of molding in the manufacturing process of a roof tile in the conventional structure to fasten the upper and lower roof tiles via the locking relation of a batten ridge shoulder section and a batten back head section, it is a problem to secure a yield due to strain and cracks particularly for a clay tile, severe precision control is essential to achieve a desired effect, a difficulty in roofing is caused even by slight dispersion in size and shape, and the tiles are conspicuous and might impair a beautiful appearance according to the shape of the locking relation and an installation place. SOLUTION: A lock lug 2 having a lock section 200 opened in the flowing direction is formed on the batten ridge shoulder section 100, and a lock groove 5 is formed on a batten back corner section 102 in this roof tile 1A. When another tile with the same structure is roofed on the tile, the lock lug of the other tile 1B is locked with the lock groove of the tile. The locking relation between the lock lug and the lock groove effective for an aseismatic and wind/ rain-resistant effect can be simply formed. The tiles having the locking relation are easily manufactured, and the manufacturing yield of the tiles can be improved.




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