Gripper elevating device



(57)【要約】 【課題】グリッパの重心のずれを最小限に抑え、グリッ パによる取扱物品への着地を確実にする。 【解決手段】巻上げ装置3のドラムに巻き付けられた2 本のワイヤロープ4にグリッパ2を取り付け、このグリ ッパ2で取扱物品1を把持して所定の場所に移動させる グリッパ昇降装置において、グリッパ2とワイヤロープ 4との接続個所に引張りばね7を介在させる。引張りば ね7はワイヤロープ4のばね定数より小さく、かつグリ ッパ2の重量と同程度のばね定数を有している。
PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To make minimum deviation in the center of gravity of a gripper so as to make sure grounding to an object to be handled by means of the gripper. SOLUTION: In a gripper elevating device where a gripper 2 is connected to two wire ropes 4 wound around a drum of a winding-up device 3 and an object to be handled is held by this gripper 2 and moved to a specified position, a tension spring 7 is interposed at connection portions between the gripper 2 and the wire ropes 4. The spring 7 has a smaller spring constant than that of the rope 4 while has a similar spring constant to that corresponding to the weight of the gripper. COPYRIGHT: (C)2001,JPO




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