Printing plate for cardboard such as corrugated fiberboard



(57)【要約】 (修正有) 【課題】緩衝材の硬、軟と判に接着させる強力な接着材 の開発が重要となり、実験と理論の結果、印刷機の輪転 力にも強く、段ボール等厚紙にもソフトな印刷が可能な 方法を提供する。 【解決手段】段ボール等厚紙に印刷する際に必要な判に 関するもので、段ボール等厚紙印刷の判1の裏面にウレ タン等(緩衝材)を張った印刷の判。具体的には判の厚 さが8mm必要な場合は、5mmの緩衝材3をゴム又は 樹脂で3mm厚で作った判1に接着させる。
PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide a method capable of softly printing a cardboard such as a corrugated fiberboard or the like having a high strength against a rotary force of a printer as a result of an experiment and a theory due to an importance of developing a strong adhesive material for adhering soft and hard buffer materials to a printing plate. SOLUTION: The printing plate necessary in the case of printing the cardboard such as the corrugated fiberboard or the like comprises a urethane or the like (buffer material) spread on a rear surface of the printing plate 1 of printing the cardboard such as the corrugated fiberboard or the like. More particularly, when a necessary thickness of the plate 1 is 8 mm, the buffer material 3 of 5 mm is adhered to the printing plate 1 having the buffer material 3 made of a rubber or a resin having a thickness of 3 mm.




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