Slope protective work preparing form



PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To facilitate detection of a finished surface of concrete (mortar) placed or sprayed on a form. SOLUTION: The form A is constituted of a pair of right and left porous side plates 1, pairs of upper and lower horizontal rods 2 which are arranged between both the side plates at predetermined longitudinal intervals and have their outer ends rotatively linked to the side plates, and vertical rods 3 each intersecting the horizontal bars to anchor a cross section therebetween, and each having an upper end thereof serve as a finish reference. The upper end of each vertical rod serves as a measure of the finished surface.
(57)【要約】 【課題】 型枠に打設或いは吹き付けたコンクリー ト(モルタル)の仕上げ上面が察知しやすくする。 【解決手段】 左右一対の多孔性の側板1と、この両側 板に前後に所定の間隔を存して配置すると共に、それぞ れの外端を回動自在に連結した上下二本が一組の水平杆 材2と、この水平杆材に交差させて交差部分を固着する と共に、上端が仕上げ基準になる垂直杆材3とで型枠A を構成し、垂直杆材の上端を仕上げ面の目安とする。




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