Article takeout sucking device



PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide an article takeout sucking device capable of positively separating articles sheet by sheet and ensuring transfer action by heightening the adhesion of a sheet member with the sucked surface of the article even if the sucked surface is irregular, has sharp level difference of unevenness, or the like. SOLUTION: This article takeout sucking device is provided with a base provided at the nearly center part, with a suction port connected to the sucking device, in a vertically piercing manner; a flexible, impermeable sheet member spread with specified looseness over the whole surface around the suction port on the lower face side of the base; and a weight member disposed inside the sheet member and outside the suction port, heavier than the sheet member and capable of following the deformation of the sheet member. The weight member is formed into a chain state by connecting a number of weights, and disposed almost in annular shape outside of the suction port, or disposed almost concentrically outside of the suction port with a specified space, or disposed in a plurality of lines in deformed concentric shape outside the suction port.
(57)【要約】 【課題】物品の被吸着面が一定でなかったり凹凸の段差 が急激なもの等であっても、シート状部材の被吸着面へ の密着性を高めて、物品を一枚ずつ確実に分離すると共 にその移送動作を確実に行い得る物品取出し用の吸着装 置を提供する。 【解決手段】略中央部分に吸引装置に接続される吸引口 が上下に貫通する如く設けられた基盤と、該基盤の下面 側で吸引口の周囲全面に亘って所定の弛みを持たせて張 設された柔軟で略非通気性を有するシート状部材と、該 シート状部材の内側で吸引口の外側に配設されると共に シート状部材より重くかつシート状部材の変形に追従し 得る錘部材と、を備えたことを特徴とする。前記錘部材 は、例えば多数の錘を連結することによって鎖状に形成 されて吸引口の外側に略環状に配設されたり、所定の間 隔を有して吸引口の外側に略同心円状に配設されたり、 あるいは吸引口の外側に略異形同心円状に複数条配設さ れる。




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