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JP-2001214188-A: 熱伝導機能により燃焼し自ずから燃焼を終了できる蝋燭 patent, JP-2001214662-A: 自動開閉式扉 patent, JP-2001218510-A: Bulbous vegetable harvester patent, JP-2001218955-A: Pinball game machine patent, JP-2001219928-A: Pop box patent, JP-2001225291-A: Article takeout sucking device patent, JP-2001225293-A: 産業用ロボット用重力バランサおよび産業用ロボット patent, JP-2001225692-A: 荷受台昇降装置付車両 patent, JP-2001226975-A: Slope protective work preparing form patent, JP-2001228791-A: Deodorization effect experiencing device by deodorant filter patent, JP-2001231993-A: 遊技機、記録媒体及び変動表示方法 patent, JP-2001232967-A: Printing plate for cardboard such as corrugated fiberboard patent, JP-2001233577-A: エスカレーターの踏段清掃装置 patent, JP-2001233578-A: Gripper elevating device patent, JP-2001236355-A: Method and system for retrieval path optimization patent, JP-2001241191-A: 梁の補強部材およびこれを用いた梁の補強方法 patent, JP-2001242362-A: Branch cord patent, JP-2001243048-A: Method and device for converting code and recording medium patent, JP-2001248768-A: プラスチックチューブの継ぎ手構造 patent, JP-2001252402-A: Game control power system device patent, JP-2001253203-A: ハブユニット patent, JP-2001254574-A: サッシ枠の取付構造 patent, JP-2001255818-A: Device for calculating difference probability of addition and recording medium with its program recorded thereon patent, JP-2001257569-A: Pulse string separating device and pulse separating method patent, JP-2001258471-A: 粒状バター及びその製造方法 patent, JP-2001262912-A: ドアストッパー patent, JP-2001276312-A: Game machine patent, JP-2001277143-A: 出力軸のロック装置 patent, JP-2001277357-A: Laminating apparatus and hot laminating unit patent, JP-2001282719-A: 通信システム及び方法、並びに契約者端末 patent, JP-2001288850-A: Aseismatic and wind/rain-resistant roof tile patent, JP-2001291288-A: 光ディスク用原盤の製造方法 patent, JP-2001291983-A: 小型ファンモータ patent, JP-2001294022-A: 空気入りタイヤ patent, JP-2001294917-A: 高炉炉底湯流れ検知方法 patent, JP-2001295281-A: Step shape netting fence body for greening and slop greening method patent, JP-2001296538-A: 液晶表示器の製造方法 patent, JP-2001298046-A: 半導体装置及びその製造方法、回路基板並びに電子機器 patent, JP-2001299160-A: 魚釣用リ−ル patent, JP-2001299548-A: 飲食用具 patent, JP-2001299683-A: 内視鏡挿入補助具 patent, JP-2001299868-A: Bathing method using fragment stone patent, JP-2001311983-A: カメラ用視差補正装置 patent, JP-2001314304-A: ハンガー patent, JP-2001314540-A: Head speed measuring device for golf club patent, JP-2001316690-A: 高純度の潤滑油の製造方法 patent, JP-2001320236-A: Voltage controlled oscillator patent, JP-2001327703-A: Pachinko machine patent, JP-2001327825-A: Wet type dust collector patent, JP-2001330693-A: 放射線遮蔽装置 patent, JP-2001331369-A: チップセレクト切り替え回路及びメモリ構成自動識別方法 patent, JP-2001337635-A: Advertising medium patent, JP-2001341480-A: ファイル等の綴じ部 patent, JP-2001352089-A: Thermal expansion strain preventing solar cell module patent, JP-2002002784-A: Packaging body patent, JP-2002006015-A: High-frequency carrier type magnetic sensor, manufacturing method thereof, and method for applying its magnetic bias patent, JP-2002008319-A: Recorder and recording method to medium patent, JP-2002011675-A: 釘抜き機 patent, JP-2002016273-A: Method for manufacturing solar cell module patent, JP-2002016431-A: Cathode-ray tube antenna patent, JP-2002017084-A: Switching power supply patent, JP-2002018734-A: Abrasive sheet for working texture, and its manufacturing method patent, JP-2002025151-A: Tape player patent, JP-2002027080-A: 通信機 patent, JP-2002028995-A: Method and apparatus for preheating paper tube base paper patent, JP-2002035224-A: Game machine patent, JP-2002035283-A: 遊技機 patent, JP-2002035885-A: Estimation method of damage form of forging die patent, JP-2002046851-A: Belt cleaner patent, JP-2002053264-A: Traverser patent, JP-2002054388-A: 推進工法の推力増強方法及びその装置 patent, JP-2002054632-A: Linear motion guiding device and attachment structure of the same patent, JP-2002064246-A: 半導体レーザ素子の製造方法 patent, JP-2002065052-A: 培 土 patent, JP-2002066623-A: 圧延機及び圧延方法 patent, JP-2002067546-A: 配送伝票 patent, JP-2002068727-A: Method for manufacturing high purity silica patent, JP-2002069685-A: Electromolding apparatus and member for fixing article to be electromolded patent, JP-2002071489-A: Pressure gage patent, JP-2002081555-A: Gate valve device and method of manufacturing the same patent, JP-2002081721-A: 空気調和機の制御装置 patent, JP-2002085727-A: 図柄表示装置を備えた遊技機 patent, JP-2002085809-A: Medal game machine patent, JP-2002088706-A: アスファルト舗装道路における補強シートの敷設固定方法 patent, JP-2002089063-A: 浴室ユニット patent, JP-2002089699-A: トラクタの変速装置 patent, JP-2002090423-A: Analytical method for scan trouble and testing device patent, JP-2002097916-A: 内燃機関の可変動弁装置 patent, JP-2002100289-A: ランディング測定装置及び補正方法 patent, JP-2002103228-A: 軽金属の溶接部分の疲労改善方法 patent, JP-2002104760-A: Renewal method of passenger conveyer patent, JP-2002107184-A: Pointer-lighting device patent, JP-2002107257-A: Device and method for calibrating chassis dynamometer patent, JP-2002110858-A: 半導体パッケージの製造法及び半導体パッケージ patent, JP-2002115882-A: Total heat exchanger and ventilating system patent, JP-2002118952-A: ディジタル保護継電器 patent, JP-2002122110-A: Blind rivet type female screw anchor patent, JP-2002125544-A: 両軸受リールのスプール制動装置 patent, JP-2002127636-A: Book edge polishing device patent, JP-2002129541-A: 管渠用フラップゲート patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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